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This site is dedicated to helping new and aspiring teachers in every way possible. It features incredibly helpful articles that will help teachers of any stage, whether you are just starting to think about becoming one or have been in education for decades.

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While there are a ton of great resources on this site, it all began with these five core articles. Be sure and check them out!

happy teacherWhy Become a Teacher? – Are you considering becoming a teacher? Then this is the article you need to read to make your decision!





How to Become a TeacherHow to Become a Teacher – Once you’ve made your decision to become a teacher, this guide will take you through the process, step by step.





how to get a teaching jobHow to Get a Teaching Job – Got your certificate and degree, but struggling to find employment? This article will help you along the way.





the qualities of a good teacherThe Qualities of a Good Teacher – There are good teachers, and there are bad teachers. We’ve all had them both. So what makes a good teacher?





how to connect with studentsHow to Connect with Students – One of the least talked about, but most important, parts of being a good teacher.